How to Write Your Own Affirmations

Affirmations are everywhere, and they have the strong ability to lift your spirits to get through hard times. This is because we’re all highly suggestible, even if we think we’re not! Affirmations help us to keep a positive attitude about life. It’s only natural that we’ll get more out of these positive sayings if we […]

How Finding Your Passion Can Improve Your Life

Everybody feels passionate about something. Sometimes it takes a while to figure out exactly what that is, but you have big dreams inside of you that are driven by your deepest values and convictions. Discovering this passion will dramatically increase your sense of joy, happiness, and confidence in every area of your life. Work The […]

How to Rise Above Any Situation Gone Awry

The natural course of life is that, sometimes, things don’t go the way we would prefer. A situation doesn’t turn out as you planned. A relationship might not deepen and grow like you anticipated. But you can determine how you’ll react when things don’t progress as you expected them to. And how you react can […]